We're in the everyday business of living well
& helping you do the same.


Wild for Oregon was founded on the simple belief that happiness doesn't come with a hashtag. When "drawing inspiration from nature" means changing your desktop background to the Grand Canyon, something's gotta give.

Our products soothe the effects of living in today's tech-saturated world.

We have let technology and social media so far into our lives that it's come to define them. How many times have you scrolled through feeds comparing your life to the carefully curated moments of a complete stranger? Or lost track of time mindlessly surfing the web? We get it, technology is important-it's how we stay connected and progressive. But how do you escape the daily time suck without going completely off-the-grid? For most of us, quitting cold turkey is impractical. There has to be a balance.

We found the answer in nature.

Our story started in 2009 with the purchase of a bar of handmade soap at an Oregon farmer's market. We fell in love with the idea of creating products designed with the same beautiful simplicity as the nature that inspires them. Every product is named after a part of Oregon's natural landscape and carries the rugged, colorful spirit of the Pacific Northwest. Each batch of soap, lotion, lip balm, and candles is crafted with natural colorants, tinctures, additives and/or scents.

Being outdoors for any length of time is bliss. No chimes from status updates or unanswered emails. By getting out of your own head, you find the happiness only pure-in-the-moment mindfulness can bring. It's heady stuff, and we're pretty sure you'll be an instant convert.

We are what we believe.

  • Mindful exploration of wild places leads to passion, purpose, and joy.

  • Happiness comes from letting go and experiencing something bigger than yourself.

  • Every explorer deserves quality, natural products that are sustainable and toxin-free.

  • Nature and natural products help us feel comfortable in our own skin.

  • A grateful life means respect for the moment and for nature itself.

Wild for Oregon is committed to living our best lives and inspiring those we touch to do the same. Nature gives us so much, and we try our best to return the favor. Every place we go, we pick up any (man-made) litter along the way. We also donate to various Oregon wilderness conservation organizations. We get a sense of joy in an uninterrupted, un-littered, ecosystem.

Tame Your Skin. Unleash Your Spirit.


Our line of natural skin-care products are the perfect companion for the eco-friendly shopper with an explorer's spirit. Whether you're trekking through the wild or seeking a few quiet minutes in your busy day, our goods are a powerful reminder to live in the moment.

Wherever you're headed, we hope you find joy in the journey.

When I live my life in gratitude, happy moments seem to find me.
— Royce Briggs, Wild for Oregon