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HELLO, Adventurous Spirit!

I'm so glad you found us way out here in the wild depths of the internet!

Something tells me you have a nose for sniffin' out adventure, and you, my friend, have just stumbled upon a true adventure of the senses.

My name is Angela, co-owner and chief adventurer at Wild for Oregon. It's really a whole family excursion- you can read all about us down below. But for now, let's talk about your scents of adventure.

My goal is to transport you to a soul-soothing outdoor excursion even when all you really have time for is a shower. You see, we love the wild parts of Oregon so much, we have infused the very essence of its most iconic places in nature for you to enjoy anywhere at anytime.

Stuck in the middle of a concrete jungle?

Pull out your favorite Oregon adventure lotion or lip balm and let the scent take you to your favorite destination.

Bombarded with a never-ending, tech-saturated work load?

Hop in the shower with our nature infused soap and transport yourself into the wild.

Our Oregon-grown personal care products are the perfect companion for your nature lovin' explorer's spirit. Whether you are hittin' the trail IRL or seeking to quickly satisfy that call of the wild, our goods will bring the adventure to you.



We are the Mayorgas (My-OR-guhs), and we hand-make, label and package all the Wild for Oregon goods in our dedicated headquarters nestled in the foothills of the Cascades. In 2021, we bought Wild for Oregon from the Briggs family. Royce Briggs, creator and founder of WFO, brought to life this wonderful brand that is inspired by the raw beauty of the Pacific Northwest. We loved the brand so much that when the Briggs family decided to embark on a new adventure, we jumped at the opportunity to carry on that vision.

Angela Mayorga: Co-Owner and Chief Adventurer

Angela has been formulating and making a wide variety of skin care products since 2014. In addition to Wild for Oregon, she owns and operates another bath and body business. At WFO, Angela over-sees and assists with production, develops new products, handles all the computer-related operations and marketing. Also dish washing. There's no escape.

Chris Mayorga: Co-Owner and Production Ninja

Chris brings discipline and practicalness to the operation. He contrasts Angela's lofty creative brain, which gets lost in the woods, so to speak. He makes sure products get made when they need to be made and orders packed when they need to be packed. Soap making is a team effort, but Chris is the lotion and lip balm making master. He provides muscle as needed. And also, dishes.

Oliver Mayorga: Sales Associate and General Assistant

If you meet WFO out in the wild, you're sure to meet Oliver. He spends his Saturdays connecting you with your favorite scent adventure. He spent years learning how to run a market booth while accompanying his mom, Angela, with the other business. When we took over WFO in July 2021, he announced he was ready for a solo trek in the farmer's market world. He totally stepped up to fill that role while Angela continues running her other booth at the same market. In addition to his vial sales position, Oliver often assists with production, labeling and, you guessed it, dishes.

Madeline and Stella Mayorga: Mini Adventurers

Their little hands and short attention spans prevent them from doing a whole lot when it comes to labels and dishes, but they are important to the WFO operation. They accompany us on our adventures and remind us how to always have fun and enjoy the moment. It always brings a smile to our hearts when they find pure enjoyment outdoors. They love playing in the rain, climbing trees (well, climbing anything), and looking for fairies.