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The 2024 Mystery Box Event has ended!

This yearly event will return January 2025


Awesome things are never perfect, right?

As we quality check our products, during labeling and again at order packing, I set aside the ones that look a little different. Some may be slightly smaller or the label isn't on quite as straight as I want. I gathered all of them up, mixed a variety of them together and made some awesome MYSTERY BOXES for you.

They are stuffed full of slightly less than perfect soaps, lotions, and solid hair care.  Each box contains a retail value of $60+ and a mix of mostly soap, full size lotion, shampoo or conditioner, and travel-size items.

Grab your box and get ready for your surprise adventures!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Carol D
All my favorite scents. How did you know?

I got soaps and the wonderful shampoo and conditioner that I’ve been using for the past year. Thanks for a great box that matched my needs and wants perfectly.

Kim Minten
Mystery box was a fun surprise to receive!

The mystery box had a great variety of scents and products. And was good value.


I loved the first box so much I ordered a second. Such a great price for the quality of products you are receiving, even if they aren't "perfect." I love this company!

Blue mAAs
... ... were gifts sent to two separate individuals

One person got back to me in re this gift. IS loved. A lot.

Other person, unconnected to the first person, has not responded to me.
So dunno in re that second person's thinking.

Laurel Tenney
Mystery box

Ordered out of curiosity and because I love your lotions. Such fun! I’m using solid shampoo and conditioner, think I can be plastic free!